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This means that data collection should be completed as early as possible in the spring semester. If you have a question that you would really like to investigate independently in the context of original research — you should consider writing a thesis. They must also have completed six courses of the nine that are required for all majors to graduate.

Brandeis honors thesis Advising Students who intend to write an honors thesis should seek out a thesis advisor a AAAS faculty member in the specialty of interest to you and apply during the spring semester of their junior year. A progress evaluation meeting will take place at the end of the fall semester for each student working on an honors thesis, attended by the student, the Thesis Director and Coordinator.

This may involve examining a little-studied issue in education or conceptually linking different disciplines or schools of thought to develop a new way of thinking about a long-standing problem. In these sessions, faculty will help interested students to better understand the thesis requirements and procedures and think through potential topics and projects.

With the goal of eventually working toward my Ph. An honors project also gives the student a chance to acquire many new, valuable skills, including 1 knowledge of how to manage a large, in-depth study of a single, challenging problem; 2 an understanding of what it means to work as part of a research team; 3 sharpened organizational and communication skills; and 4 an appreciation of how real scientific inquiry is carried out.

Directed evolution of an influenza reporter virus to restore replication and virulence and enhance non-invasive bioluminescence imaging in mice. The final thesis must be completed and submitted to all three committee members by the day before final exams begin, usually the first week of May please see the academic calendar.

Insensitivity of active nematic liquid crystal dynamics to topological constraints. This means that data collection should be completed as early as possible in the spring semester.

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As a minimum requirement, a GPA in psychology courses of 3. This experience can be richly rewarding: Both members of the committee must approve the project as a viable honors study before data collection can proceed.

An Empirical Paper is based on an empirical research project on an educational topic. You must submit a two-page proposal to the Honors Thesis Coordinator, preferably during the spring of your junior year and no later than the end of first week of classes in the fall semester of your senior year.

This requires a considerable amount of reading in the field and analysis, synthesis, and critique of existing research and theory. It offers students a chance to build their research and writing skills. The work I have done at the Israel Center for the Treatment of Psychotrauma this summer will fuel the rest of my time at Brandeis.

Thesis Publication Guidelines

Interested students should plan ahead if they anticipate any research costs. Twitter-ScienceGeek Undergraduate Publications One of the most valuable aspects of a Brandeis education is the opportunity to carry out cutting-edge research in collaboration with faculty, graduate students and postdocs.

Procedures for Undertaking Honors Typically more students want to do honors than there are professors available to advise them. Therefore, students should start their search for an advisor early. Detailed information can be found on the DAS website.

If your research requires the use of non-English sources, you can improve your foreign language reading skills to the level expected in graduate work. A thesis is the result of an independent research project, entailing at least two semesters of reading, research, and writing.

However, it is very important to the success of your thesis that you meet regularly with your advisor. If a student is not making adequate progress see timeline on their honors thesis project, as determined by the Thesis Director and the Honors Thesis Coordinator, he or she may be asked to discontinue the project.

In order to do an honors thesis, you will be expected to have identified a topic and potential project and submit a proposal in the first week of classes in your senior year. It will also inform my academic work as I take courses in the areas I have researched this summer.

The cover sheet should contain the following information in this exact order: I surpassed my original expectations because instead of doing one literature review, I ended up working on two. NADH reduction of nitroaromatics as a probe for residual ferric form high-spin in a cytochrome P Education Studies majors must take the capstone course, EDa: Failure to obtain such approval will automatically terminate the honors project.

Therefore, students should start their search for an advisor early. Additionally the student will need to obtain a second psychology faculty member as a second reader and one expert reader from outside the department who must have at least a doctorate or MDa total of three, who will serve on the final evaluation committee.

Detailed information can be found on the DAS website. It is wise to find a potential primary advisor by the end of the sophomore year and identify a topic by the end of the junior year.

Brandeis University Senior Honors Theses

It is guided by a clear, concise and original research question. Honors Thesis Students wishing to graduate with honors in Education Studies must write an honors thesis during their senior year. The thesis should serve as a capstone experience to the undergraduate major in Education Studies; it is a challenging enterprise that can be among the most significant and rewarding activities in your undergraduate career.

Senior Honors Thesis Writers! If you need library materials that Brandeis does not have, Interlibrary Loan (or Resource Sharing) can help!

Start your research early! Department of American Studies at Brandeis University, Waltham, Mass. Kristine's thesis project explored the biophysical constraints on the evolution of bacteriorhodopsin and the implications for convergence of the GPCR protein fold in rhodopsins from bacteria, arachaea, and eumetazoans.

and he was a graduate student in the Biochemistry program here at Brandeis. highest honors. Adam is now spending the. Undergraduate Publications. Often, the research leads up to publication of a Senior Honors Thesis. SinceBrandeis undergraduates have been co-authors on approximately peer-reviewed research publications in scientific journals.

Finding Theses and Dissertations. Senior honors theses are easiest to find using the Advanced Search in the OneSearch Library Catalog Tab.

You may search for a specific thesis by author or title. To search for theses by department, do the following keyword search: senior honors thesis AND dept of _____ (your department of interest).

Brandeis honors thesis
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