Debopriyo chowdhury thesis

By merging our work on transformer-coupled PAs with a digital signal processing framework, a truly scalable, efficient transmitter architecture can be created.

A dditionally, an implant block mask is used to block the p well implant in the regions between the switch transist or and body contacts [26], [28], [30 ] [31 ] to further increase the substrate resistance. Abstract—We present a mathematical analysis of the common-mode instability and power back-off feature of a transformer-coupled Class-AB differential power amplifier PA.

Sorry, we are unable to provide the full text but you may find it at the following location s: Solar energy has long been recognized as one of the most abundant forms of clean energy.

Since each simulation results are valid only for that specific simulation setup, therefore, for every change in the algorithm or policy, a xxxiii new system simulation has to be performed, which limits the design space.

UC Berkeley, EECS 242 - RFIC - University of California, Berkeley

Power compression measurements were carried out using a signal generator together with an external power amplifier and a power meter.

The research community is now especially focused on the implementation of wireless sensors and biosignal processing. Coupler or isolator will waste power. These applications have a wide scope, execute in highly dynamic environments and present interesting opportunities for tradeoff analysis and optimization.

She has served on the faculty of the Technical University of Warsaw, and as a design automation specialist at the Research and Production Center of Semiconductor Devices in Warsaw.

At MHz, the saturated output power is Drain voltage and current wave forms for overdriven Class A power amplifier If the gate bias of the power amplifier is not changing, but the amplitude of the input voltage is increased, the output of the power amplifier will be no longer sinusoid and clipping behavior will be show up.

Preliminary results shown that it may be possible to identify a modulation and its transmit power level based on the e The plot al so shows the noise figure of switch in RX mode. Such a prototype has been designed and tested in 65nm CMOS technology.

The penetration level of solar power is rapidly increasing in most developed countries due to government incentives and multi-disciplinary technological advances. Such an efficient switching amplifier can form the core of mixed-signal polar transmitters.

Achieving IP 1dB higher than 30 dBm, which is needed in several communication systems, is quite challenging. Hence, it can be implemented as a trace or bond-wire inductance and no explicit choke is necessary. However, transformer efficiency places a conflicting require- ment that does not allow the capacitance value to be increased arbitrarily.

However, the low-supply voltage of nanoscale CMOS technology, the loss of on-chip passives and the conductive silicon substrate make a fully-integrated PA design challenging.

The intent is to allow exploration and evaluation of a large, previously invisible design space exhibiting a wide range of power, performance, and cost attributes. The speakers will provide example designs that address these issues including some that have been ruggedized for commercial production.

Afternoon Session, Sunday May 15, Combining 123 and 4we arrive at the simplified differential equation given as 5 where. By merging our work on transformer-coupled PAs with a digital signal processing framework, a truly scalable, efficient transmitter architecture can be created.

Traditional radio transceiver hardware is highly dedicated, e. The dimension of transistor layout is about 38 m x 40 m. Ideally, there is no loss in the switch, and a high Q LC resonant circuit also m ake sure only the fundamental signal will be delivered to the load, and no harmonic power are dissipated on the load.

Efficient Transmitters for Wireless Communications in Nanoscale CMOS Technology

high performance cmos transmitters for wireless communications Download high performance cmos transmitters for wireless communications or read online books in PDF, EPUB, Tuebl, and Mobi Format. Apr 06,  · A ground station has also been set up with the help of students developing their final thesis, which will allow future students to perform training sessions and learn how to communicate with satellites, how to receive telemetry and how to process the data.

Chowdhury, Tamara. Senior design courses are a core part of curricula. View Debopriyo Chowdhury’s profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community.

Debopriyo has 5 jobs listed on their profile. See the complete profile on LinkedIn and discover Title: Prinicipal Scientist at Broadcom. A Low-Power 60GHz Integrated Transceiver in 90nm CMOS, Cristian Marcu, Debopriyo Chowdhury, Chintan Thakkar, Lingkai Kong, Maryam Tabesh, Jungdong Park, Yanjie Wang, Bagher Afshar, Abhinav Gupta, Amin Arbabian, Simone Gambini, Reza Zamani, BWRC Winter Retreat, 6, January, His Ph.D.

thesis was published as a book: Analog CMOS Filters for Very High Frequencies, (Springer, ) and he received the “Shell Study Tour Award” for his Ph.D.

Work. From until he served as Associate Editor of IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems. Ph.D.

Ahsan Choudhuri Phd Thesis – 374504

Thesis: Design of Multi-Gb/s Multi-Coefficient Mixed-Signal CMOS Equalizers Research Adviser: Prof. Elad Alon. Graduate RFIC Intern, Mobile Communications Group.

Debopriyo chowdhury thesis
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