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The chief reason for resorting to ratifications by conventions is laid down by Hamilton in Federalist These were men trained in the law, versed in finance, skilled in administration, and learned in the political philosophy of their own and earlier times. All my attempts to contact Prof.

For a nation to flourish, classes within a society are a necessity. Beard is far more nuanced than the other comments would suggest. It is due rather to the fact that the members of the convention could not agree on the nature and amount of the qualifications.

The necessity for new sources of revenue became apparent even while the struggle for independence was yet undecided, and, inCongress carried a resolution to the effect that it should be authorized to lay a duty of five percent on certain goods.

The first are the rich and well born and the other the mass of the people who seldom judge or determine right.

At the outset it must be remembered that there were two great parties at the time of the adoption of the Constitution -- one laying emphasis on strength and efficiency in government and the other on its popular aspects. Within a few weeks, the nationalist party in Virginia and New York succeeded in winning these two states, and in spite of the fact that North Carolina and Rhode Island had not yet ratified the Constitution, Congress determined to put the instrument into effect in accordance with the recommendations of the convention.

On the other hand, a personal property qualification, high enough to please merchant princes like Robert Morris or Nathaniel Gorham would shut out Southern planters. He stated that the framers of the Constitution of the United States were only concerned in improving their own economic well—being and personal agendas.

Accordingly, no general reconstruction of the political system was suggested; the Articles of Confederation were merely to be "revised"; and the amendments were to be approved by the state legislatures as provided by that instrument. Nevertheless, by the system of checks and balances placed in the government, the convention safeguarded the interests of property against attacks by majorities.

It was largely because the framers of the Constitution knew the temper and class bias of the state legislatures that they arranged that the new Constitution should be ratified by conventions. To Beard, the Constitution was a counter-revolution, set up by rich bondholders "personalty" since bonds were "personal property"in opposition to the farmers and planters "realty" since land was "real property".

Naturally, a landed qualification was suggested, but for obvious reasons it was rejected. He considered the foreseen changes in elongating the term of the seenate and giving it a lot of power.

Again, an alternative of land or personal property, high enough to afford safeguards to large interests, would doubtless bring about the rejection of the whole Constitution by the troublemaking farmers who had to pass upon the question of ratification.

This format promoted the equalization of power among each entity. It is indeed an astounding fact that at one time so many men skilled in statecraft could be found on the very frontiers of civilization among a population numbering about four million whites.

In pursuance of this call, delegates to the new convention were chosen by the legislatures of the states or by the governors in conformity to authority conferred by the legislative assemblies. Framing The Constitution By Charles Beard Thesis download.

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It's just not worth Using word processors effectively Writing by hand or to type it, as well as realizing that not all competitions are the worthiest applicant for the award will make to the text aside for half a level 3 and 7. Charles Beard, Framing the Constitution Confederation bore the impress of this philosophy.

In their anxiety to defend the individual against all federal.

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Keywords United States, New York, Everyday life, United States Constitution, Constitution 0 Like 0 Tweet Beard thought that the constitution was just a document written by the rich, whose only motive was protecting their wealth and property/5(2).

Get an answer for 'Discuss Beard's arguments in Framing the Constitution.' and find homework help for other Law and Politics questions at eNotes. Beard was expanding on Carl L. Becker’s thesis of class conflict. In the eyes of Beard, the Constitution was created by the Founding Fathers as a “counter revolution” that ran against the wishes of farmers and laborers.

Framing the Constitution by Charles A. Beard In Charles A. Beard’s article.

Charles A. Beard Framing the constitution thesis
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