Purdue thesis deposit appointment

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Thesis and Dissertation Office

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4) Long Distance Deposit Appointment With this new appointment page, all of these appointments can be requested from the same link. To maximize the students’ convenience, information of “rescheduling” and “cancellation” is also provided with further instruction or taking to the form page.

Deposit Appointment(Ph.D. & Master’s Thesis Only): You should make your appointment to deposit your thesis/dissertation as soon as possible.

Academic Policies and Procedures

Once the deposit appointments fill up the Thesis/Dissertation Office will not take any more appointments and you will have to wait until the next semester to make a deposit appointment and.

Electronic deposit of your thesis must be completed hours before the Thesis Office appointment. Send thesis for format check * janettravellmd.com copy of thesis for format check to: [email protected] no less than 2 weeks.

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You should arrange both your deposit appointment and your defense date early in the semester in which you plan to graduate. You can't make your deposit appointment until you know when your defense will be because you can't deposit until after your defense.

Purdue thesis deposit appointment
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