Rashba spin orbit coupling thesis

Email August 2, a: The hydrogenation process is reversible, which means the hydrogenation effects are almost gone after annealing. Two hypotheses to explain the insulating behavior are discussed. In materials with broken inversion symmetry and spin-orbit coupling, electrical current can exert a torque on a local magnetisation.

For reproduction of material from NJC: Semiconductor architectures hold promise for quantum information processing QIP applications due to their large industrial base and perceived scalability potential.

Spin orbit coupling induced phenomena in spintronic devices

His research is focused on nonequilibrium many-body quantum systems, first-principles quantum transport and high-performance computing applied to nanostructures of interest to spintronics, nanoelectronics, thermoelectrics and nano-bio interface.

The problems of nonlocal measurement method are discussed. Dolui, M. It increases by more than two orders of magnitude. In thinner cobalt layers, an additional field-like torque opposing the Oersted torque appears, consistent with a Rashba origin. For instance, in electronic condensed matter systems, SO coupling can lead to quantum spin Hall states or topological insulators, which have potential applications in quantum devices.

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B 92, R Zhang, G. It implies that a perpendicularly polarized spin current can be generated by an in-plane charge current through a ferromagnetic metal, which can be applied to realize the anti-damping switching process in magnetic heterostructures. These spin-orbit torques may allow commercialisation of magnetic random access memories with higher efficiency than previous technologies.

Time-resolved electric field amplitude. Finally, we have discovered a novel spin rotation behaviors in a ferromagnetic metal, where the spin polarization is rotated around the magnetization.

Ga,Mn As is a dilute magnetic semiconductor with a record highest Curie temperature of around K. Research details Ultrafast spin currents generated via optical excitation get converted into charge current pulses via interfacial spin-orbit coupling on ps time scales The observation is consistent with expectations from Rashba spin-orbit coupling Circular polarization of the incoming light results in a helicity-dependent rotation of the THz field DOI: Graphene device is coated with hydrogen silsesquioxane HSQ resist and exposed with electron beam.

In the T 4 and H 3 configurations each adatom of the monolayer sits above the second and the fourth substrate atom, respectively. In real systems the magnitude of this effect, usually called Rashba-Bychkov RB effect, is governed by various types of structural asymmetries at the solid-vacuum interface and the magnitude of intra-atomic SOC [12,13].

Mahfouzi, N. Stradi, K. Here we consider the relaxation properties of localized electronic states in silicon due to donors, quantum wells, and quantum dots, including effects due to phonons and Rashba spin-orbit coupling.

Faculty of Science Department of Physics Juho Arjoranta Spin-orbit coupling in superconductor-normal metal-superconductor junctions Theoretical physics. In this thesis, we elucidate the nature of the spin swapping effect, where the spin polarization and the direction of flow are interchanged due to spin-orbit coupling, and demonstrate that an intrinsic analog to the previously predicted extrinsic spin swapping effect can be induced by Rashba spin-orbit coupling in two-dimensional diffusive metals.

Recently experimental focus has been on ferromagnetic systems with spin-orbit coupling, serving as the motivation for our research. In this thesis, we study the topological properties of a system consisting of magnetic adatoms implanted on a two-dimensional superconducting substrate with Rashba spin-orbit coupling.

Starting. The enhancement of spin- orbit coupling is verified by observing the weak-anti localization for the graphene region covered with WSe2 but the weak localization (WL) for the uncovered region.

The Rashba SOC strength value extracted from the weak-antilocalization (WAL) fitting is about 1 meV while the intrinsic SOC in graphene is about tens of µeV. Oct 13,  · ILLINOIS PHYSICS.

Open Navigation Close Navigation. calendar. By applying an envelope function theory it is shown that the major contribution to the Rashba spin-orbit coupling originates from the band offset at the interface of the quantum well.

Using gated Hall bar structures it is possible to alter the spin-orbit coupling by application of an appropriate gate voltage. Lange, Ph.D.

Spin–orbit interaction

thesis, RWTH.

Rashba spin orbit coupling thesis
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Electrical control of spin dynamics in spin-orbit coupled ferromagnets